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Healing the Soul

There is not one simple or single word that I can come up with to properly summarize the past 5 years to you, but when I use the phrase "Healing my Soul", that definitely seems fitting. You see, 5 years ago I was in the corporate world and was a by-stander and a target of daily bullying and workplace harassment from the owner of the company I worked for.

As I would be getting yelled at, swore at, watching and listening to others getting it, among other absolutely unacceptable behaviors, I would think to myself this is unbelievable and horrible, but yet I felt trapped and too scared to say anything. That is when my mental and physical health deteriorated. If I was my body talking to me then, it would be saying, "OK you are not listening to your instincts, so its time to make you really listen, and get the hell out of here". What started to happen was my stomach would be in such turmoil, especially when I was at the office, that I had to go home. Finally I went on stress leave, and I was at the lowest I have ever been in my life. I believe the universe provides when you need it and it was divine timing that I had the opportunity to take my Reiki Level I and II when I was on leave. I just had a feeling that this was going to help me. After completing the levels, I felt like the blackness had faded away, there was clarity on my situation and future, and I had the fire in me again. That was when I started to see the future, understand my desires, and gain the courage to leave the corporate world, to eventually start Daysdream.

As the Daysdream services continued to develop and grow, I had the vision of being able take my passion one step further, to be able to help others learn to nurture their soul. That vision has now blossomed and I am so honored and grateful to be able to offer all the goddesses and warriors out there, the Usui Reiki Level courses!

Nurturing your skin, beauty and soul completely fills me up with love, gratitude, and peace, and I thank you all for being in my life!

Here is the upcoming course dates for the Usui Reiki Levels and if you are interested you can book right online or reach out to me. Please know that payment plan options could be offered to those that reach out directly to me. More information about each course is online as well - under Workshops and Courses.

Reiki Level I Level:

Tuesday, October 29 or Sunday, November 3

Reiki Level II Level:

Sunday, November 10

Reiki Level III Advanced Reiki Training & Master Teacher Level:

Saturday, November 9 or Thursday, November 28

Remember too about the Daysdream Referral Program! When you refer someone you get $20 off AND they do too!

With Gratitude,



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