Self Reflections about Love....

It wasn't until I was in my 40's when I was going through my divorce that I had the ah-ha moment and realization that I did not truly love myself and I was always looking to others to make me feel good, happy and loved. It took my world falling apart for me to finally see this. I believe everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for the learning lessons this provided me with.

My journey of finding my inner love and beauty started with my sessions from Rita Bozi, with Brilliant Healing Systems. She took me on a journey tapping into my deep subconscious thoughts that I was not fully aware that I had at the time, and I started on my healing journey. Rita has a very unique and effective toolbox that helped me, ranging from Body Talk, Craniosacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Shiatsu, Visceral Manipulation, and Reiki.

This is when my interest in energy work and holistic healing was sparked, as I could see the impact that it had and how effective it had been for me. I continue to see Rita and other healers and intuitive coaches as the learning and development is a life journey. It is also what lead me to pursue my passion and help others nurture their skin, beauty and soul, and love their inner and outer beauty.

So I encourage you today and every day, not just for Valentine's day to look deep inside, ask your inner child what she needs, give yourself the love and affection you deserve. Nurture yourself, take the time for yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT! I hope to inspire you to look in the mirror and find as many things as you can that you love about yourself! Maybe its your smile, maybe its your eyes, maybe its your laugh, your legs, your confidence, etc!

Take the time for yourself to maybe take a walk in nature, read a book you have had sitting there for months, take that relaxing bath, and come and see me to help nurture your skin, beauty and soul!

For the month of February, I am excited to offer you the AromaTouch Reiki Treatment at a special price of $65 to help you embrace your inner love and beauty.

The AromaTouch Reiki Treatment promotes overall health of the body, mind and spirit. It is an essential oil application incorporated with Reiki, where the oils are massaged into the back and feet to create an overall feeling of wellness, relaxation and bliss.

With Gratitude and Love,


You can book online or contact Dalyn to book.