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The Goddess Essence Facial!

I am SO thrilled and excited to announce that Daysdream has a lovely new facial added to the list of goddess treatments to nurture your skin, body and soul! I bring to you and welcome to Daysdream the GODDESS ESSENCE FACIAL!

Let Your Goddess Shine!

Now what is a Goddess Essence Facial you ask? The Goddess Essence Facial is 90 minutes of true bliss and enlightenment that beautifully blends together an in-depth facial that is tailored to your skin's desires, such as, the Deep Cleansing Facial or the Anti-Aging Facial, together with the Healing with the Goddesses intuitive card reading and healing.

I now have my Higher Priestess Practitioner™️ Level 2 which is from the Goddess Healing Matrix System and it is very empowering to now be able to offer the Goddess Essence Facial or a full 90 Healing with the Goddesses session to my clients.

Whether you are interested in the facial combined with the goddess healing or the the full 90 minute healing and intuitive reading session by itself, I promise you that you will leave feeling nurtured, calmer, less stressed, enlightened and empowered, and like the Goddess you so deserve to be!

If you are feeling low, drained, stressed, confused, irritated, negative, unhappy, dull or tired, or just simply know its time to nurture yourself, then I invite you to book your time today to experience either the Healing with the Goddesses Intuitive Reading and Healing Session or the Goddess Essence Facial.

Book online today at

Here are a few testimonials from clients that recently experienced the Goddess Essence Facial or the Healing with the Goddesses session:

  • I left feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, grounded, balanced and fabulous inside and out! It was like I connected with my inner and outer beauty and soul.

  • I feel so much happier and less stressed! It was very enlightening to hear the messages from the goddesses!

  • I came in feeling very negative and down in the dumps and left feeling so much lighter and happier.

  • Not only did my face feel and look incredible, my soul felt wiser and empowered.

I hope to see you soon!

With Love and Gratitude,


With Love, Peace, and Gratitude,


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