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Embracing our Age & Beauty

In light of just having my 50th birthday party and having such an amazing night with family and friends, celebrating this milestone birthday, it got me thinking, why is it that some of us are scared of getting older, don't want it announced how old they are, while others embrace their age and celebrate each milestone with ease and grace?

As my big 50 was getting closer and as 2018 was coming to a close with all the crazy astrological "stuff" that was happening, I really reflected on my life, on the ups and the downs, and all that I had learnt along the way, and what I continue to learn.

That was when I had a realization that turning 50 had to be a celebration! I had SO much to be grateful for, for my children, for my health, for my passion, for my supportive family and friends, and for those life lessons I learnt so much from. I made it through the times that knocked me down, the pivotal moments were I had choices to make and didn't know if I was making the right ones but made that journey anyway. Throughout that journey I was able to understand myself on a deeper level, I learnt to love myself, and I realized that the peace I was always looking for and the love I was always searching for was always inside of me. I did not come to this realization on my own though, it was through the help and support of others, ranging from friends, family, healers, and practitioners, which continues on and always will.

Now I see the next 50 years as so beautiful because as I continue on this path of learning and awakening, I am pursuing my passion to be able to help others, to help others embrace their beauty, their love for themselves, and their inner goddess. Empowering others to be able to look in the mirror and love what they see, rather than finding the faults and flaws, learning to nurture our skin, beauty and soul.

Sure, there will be more moments of challenges, but now I can embrace those moments knowing I have the tools, the intuition, and the beautiful tribe around me to help me thrive and be empowered no matter what arises. For me Embracing my Age and Beauty is because I found the love for myself and I encourage all of you to find that love too.


With Gratitude,


thrive and be empowered no matter what arises. For me, Embracing my Age and Beauty has been a result of this journey and I encourage all of you to look in that mirror and love your uniqueness and beauty!

sion, that I was a nurturer and that I had so much to offer others.

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