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Combat the Maskne!

As we enter this new era of wearing face masks everywhere we go, we are making history. An era where people are now posting selfies of themselves wearing a mask, family pictures are surfacing with everyone wearing a mask, where masks are available in every colour so that we can colour code our mask to our outfit, where the sale of gum and mouth sprays have probably gone up (cause if you have to wear a disposable mask you can smell your breath whether you wanted to or not!), and a time where we can laugh in years to come about the news making headlines about “talking mostly” and “glory holes”. If you aren’t sure what I am referring to just google that!

We now have a word in the dictionary created from this era, well it may have been around before, but it is the first I have heard of it. Maskne. It is a blend of the words mask and acne, a skin condition most often seen in the form of pimples. Maskne is used to refer to any acne or skin irritation that occurs on a person's face (especially on and around the nose and chin) from regularly wearing a face mask.

So unfortunately with Maskne comes a build up of sweat and bacteria happening under that mask, making your skin more susceptible to rashes, inflammation and breakouts. I have had many new clients visit me because of this struggle and existing clients who never had problem skin before, now do. So in light of this lovely Maskne, I want to help and provide you with these tips on what will help you or someone in your life struggling with this.

  • The type of mask does make a difference. Use either a Norwex or Copper Fiber Mask that are both available through Daysdream. The Norwex masks contain BacLock, an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit odor from bacteria, mold and mildew growth. The Copper fiber mask is embedded with copper fibres, is antibacterial, breathable, durable and lightweight, anti-odour, comfortable and washable.

  • Your home skin care regime will help substantially, and the right skin care regime. One of the reasons I stand behind and love the products that I use and offer to my clients is because it is organic aloe vera skin care and we all know how aloe vera has been used for centuries because of it natural healing abilities for the skin. Here are the basics that I recommend:

    • Cleansing morning AND night with my favorite cleanser, the City Detox Environmental Defence Powder Cleanser with charcoal that helps detoxify the skin and is gentle for all skin types. If acne is a constant struggle then use our AloeClear Cleanser that is formulated specifically for acne prone skin, that utilizes Lactic Acid, Aloeganic Aloe Vera and Peppermint Oil, to cools and purifies the skin to keep it beautifully blemish-free.

    • Toning morning AND night with either the Sensitive Skin Toner, the Skin Refining Toner or the Oil Control Toner depending on your skin type. A toner will clean and tone the skin, going deeper in removing all traces of makeup, dead surface cells and pore-clogging impurities. If you have constant Acne Prone skin then the Be Balanced Daily Refining Tonic soothes irritated, blemish-prone skin with Vitamin B and Salicylic Acid, while Lactic Acid and Witch Hazel keeps the pores clean and clear of problem-causing irritants and impurities. If you are part of the Aging with Grace group, then the Platinum Pure Radiance Bioactive Mist that is an alcohol-free toner designed to balance, tone and firm. This unique blend of toning and treatment works to increase resiliency, firmness and brilliance.

    • Moisturizing morning AND night. Regardless of your skin type, the right moisturizer is key to keeping your skin hydrated. With a mask rubbing against your skin, your skin barrier needs to remain balanced and healthy. Soothe and protect the skin's natural moisture balance and calm irritable skin and combat future breakouts and blemishes with either our Nutri Moisture Lotion or Cream. For night time, its best to our Advanced Night Recovery Crème that is a unique age-defying ingredient that energizes skin cells - mixes with antioxidants that target environmental stress. This innovative night cream helps soften surface roughness by up to 16% in less than a month for a revived radiance and a clearer, smoother complexion.

    • Weekly use of the Muddy Up Deep Cleansing Masque that reduces the appearance of blackheads and enlarged pores while cleaning away dirt and debris.

    • Using the Set N Shield Environmental Defence Setting Mist that is an added barrier after your moisturizer before you put that mask on! This is a multipurpose formula helps protect skin from environmental stressors, like pollution and daily grime, for a fresher and healthier-looking complexion with each use and it also sets your makeup! These products can be purchased at Daysdream or online on my store.

  • Ideally skip the foundation. One positive factor about having to mask, is that the mask covers your skin. This has good and bad factors, BUT the upside is you don’t have to cover up your skin with foundation cause your mask does! You can focus on those beautiful eyes now! With increase in humidity under your mask, having makeup under there can increase in the clogging of pores and increased breakouts. This is also why the right mask in the first bullet is so important AND not reusing the masks day after day without washing.

  • Last, but definitely not least important, is a regular, visit to Daysdream for the Ultimate Deep Cleansing Facial to nurture your skin beauty and soul! Daysdream provides a skin analysis upon every visit and will modify the treatment plan accordingly.

FEAR MASKNE NO MORE! You can still love the skin your in despite these unforgettable times.

I encourage you all to take some time to nourish your skin beauty and soul in what ever way you can and as often as you can, because remember, your worth it!

Stay tuned next for some ideas for shopping locally this XMAS! One of those shopping locally could be gifting those special to you with a Daysdream gift certificate and/or with nurturing skin care products.

Sent with Gratitude,



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