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New to Daysdream!

I am excited, yes ! am! Why you ask???

Well, you may not know this, but I am going to divulge a secret of what sometimes happens when you are laying on my aesthetics chair under the warm blankets. There are many times when I am working on my clients, usually when I am massaging your neck or head, that a great idea comes to me. The seeds of these ideas and visions are planted with things you say to me. This new vision, and what is new to Daysdream, came from many of you saying at the end, "OMG, I don't want this to be over yet!"

So I am so excited to announce that new to Daysdream effective today is THE ULTIMATE TRANQUIL FACIAL !!!

This facial is an extra 30 minutes, so a total of 90 minutes, and includes a skin treatment tailored to you and your skins needs and desires, as well as I incorporate crystals, heated stones, heated booties for your feet, and aromatherapy into the whole experience. I spend more time massaging the arms, neck, face, and head. You will leave completely destressed, totally relaxed, lighter and happier than when you walked in, and of course your skin will be glowing and vibrant!

You can now book this facial online and I look SO forward to seeing you soon!

PS - Don't forget about the Daysdream Referral Program, which is when you refer someone you get $20 off your next appointment as well as they get $20 off their appointment. The Daysdream Gift Certificate can be purchased for that special person in your life too!

With Gratitude and Light,



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