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Take the Daysdream journey to nurture your skin, beauty and soul! 
Dalyn's dream and passion is being able to help women Let Their Goddess Shine with her Goddess Skin Treatments, Healing sessions, and Makeovers. 
Daysdream is the home of the Signature Reiki Facial and the Goddess Essence Facial unique to North America that truly is bliss and like no other facial.

Dalyn Sjogren

Certified Professional Makeup Artist, Clinical Aesthetician, Reiki Master/Trainer & Higher Priestess Practitioner™  Level 2 Goddess Healing Matrix™ 

 Dalyn's Journey and the Creation of Daysdream


In my teens, I had a passion for beauty and helping women feel amazing.  I began doing skin care consultations, makeovers, and bridal makeup in 1988, but lacked the confidence to follow my dreams full-time.  Instead, I did what I was told was the “right” thing and went into secretarial work.  This led to becoming an HR Professional for 15 years.  During those years self-awareness and many business skills were gained, and I built my own Strategic Human Resources Consulting business and developed a Leadership and Development program.


While the foundation of my company was built on my values of integrity, self-awareness, and empowering others, I found my values and ethics being compromised and lessons being learnt. 

I started to see and understand the limiting beliefs and lack of self-worth I had, and the patterns I had created in my life that were not serving me.  This was when I realized the importance of loving myself and to pursue my passions. 

So in 2014 I started to honor what my heart and instincts were telling me, to follow my dreams, and step through the fear.  I started by going back to school and getting my makeup artist certification, learning about energy healing and getting my Reiki levels, Higher Priestess Practitioner certification, and becoming a certified Clinical Aesthetician.  It was surreal being in aesthetics thinking, wow, 25 years earlier this is where I wanted to be but didn't have the confidence or courage at that age, and now here I am actually doing it.  I encourage anyone at any age, that you are never to old to pursue your dreams and go back to school.  There may be people that tell you why something won't work for you but only YOU know the truth of what is right for you, and I encourage you to listen to your instincts and follow your heart.

Through my journey of awakening, I discovered that I am a nurturer by nature and when I nurture people's skin, beauty and soul,

I feel at peace and it truly gives me bliss.  By finding my own inner love, peace and bliss, I was able to discover my inner goddess, and out of that the Daysdream Goddess Treatments were discovered.  I wanted to help others heal, find the bliss, and love their inner and outer beauty.

Truly what "Let Your Goddess Shine" stands for at Daysdream.


Giving Back To Women and Helping Empower

After Dalyn’s journey of healing and learning to love herself, she came to understand her passion to nurture and empower women, to help them develop their confidence to find happiness and love for themselves.   Through her experiences she realized the importance of taking a stand against bullying and domestic violence and how much change was needed in the world.  As a result, in July 2018 Dalyn volunteered to be an Ambassador with Gems for Gems, standing for empowering women to empower themselves.  Dalyn is also a Women Talk member, sharing her story throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

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