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About Daysdream

Dalyn Sjogren
Shining my light and illuminating the path for women to shine.

Dalyn creates a sacred & safe space for women to heal, love and grow.  Guiding and encouraging women to embrace their story, to love themselves unconditionally, and to be the keeper of their own flame.


Dalyn Sjogren

Certified Professional Makeup Artist, Clinical Aesthetician, Reiki Master/Trainer & Higher Priestess Practitioner™  Level 3 Goddess Healing Matrix™ 

 Dalyn's Journey and the Creation of Daysdream


Always drawn towards helping others feel beautiful and developing their confidence and self-awareness, but yet lacking her own confidence and self-worth, Dalyn spent two decades in turbulence.  The faint whispers of a dream life and desires where hushed with Dalyn going into the corporate world.  These years gave her invaluable knowledge in Human Resources, Accounting, and Supervisory/Leadership training, eventually starting her own Strategic Human Resources consulting business.  While the foundation of her company was built on the values of Integrity and Inspiring Others, she found her values and ethics being compromised and questioning all aspects of her life.


Dalyn closed down her HR Consulting business and that chapter of her life to focus on her marriage and children, to then have that chapter also close, ending in divorce.  This catapulted Dalyn into the spiritual world and onto her healing journey, with two monumental people coming into her life with divine timing, Bonnie Ray, a Reiki Intuitive Healer, and Rita Bozi, a Three In One Practitioner and Healer.  

This last decade for Dalyn has been spent understanding how to stand in her light, how to follow her heart, and to believe in herself, that she can do what ever she puts her mind to.  This of course was, and continues to be, with the help of many other spiritual and intuitive healers in her life.  Out of this soul searching was the beautiful creation of Daysdream and the passion to nurture your skin, beauty and soul. 


Dalyn has found a deep understanding of her ego and in the teachings, lessons, in feeling heartache, and in dealing with the turbulence as we close chapters and start new ones, that we can grow from them if we choose to.  That our answers are within, only we know the truth of what is right for us.  Dalyn encourages you to tap into your intuition and follow your heart, to nurture and believe in yourself.  She embodies the statement tattooed on her left arm, stating "Don't give up", that symbolizes for her to not give up on your dreams and to follow your heart, a promise made to her soul mate that passed in 2013.  

Giving Back To Women 

Through Dalyn’s journey of healing and learning to love herself, she realized the importance of taking a stand against bullying and domestic violence and how much change was needed in the world.  As a result, in July 2018 Dalyn volunteered to be an Ambassador with Gems for Gems, standing for empowering women to empower themselves.  

Shining her Light and Illuminating the Path for Women-Testimonials

  • Dalyn brings women together to create empowering sacred space

  • Dalyn is on this planet to bring beauty to others, building a community of where women can learn and heal

  • Dalyn allows women to shine, embrace their gifts and what lights them up

  • Dalyn has guided me on embracing my story, what brought me here, and to see where I am going

  • Dalyn has an extremely positive presence, seeing and bringing out the best in people

  • Dalyn is a catalyst for positive change, to love and heal

  • Dalyn helps women find their own unique way, exploring their potential

  • Dalyn truly shines when she is helping people, inspiring them to learn and grow

  • Dalyn's gifts lie in her ability to listen with empathy, offer guidance without judgement, and create a supportive space for women to explore their potential

  • Dalyn has helped me unlock my feminine side that has been locked away for most of my life, she helped me understand that I deserve to be pampered and to make myself a priority 

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