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2018 Daysdream Gratitude Event

I can't believe that it has been a year since Daysdream's first Gratitude Event and that we are almost into December, planning my second annual event! So much has happened in the past year, Daysdream has grown so much, the actual business and me personally, and I have SO much to be grateful for! First of all I am so grateful for all of you! My beautiful customers that have allowed me to do what I absolutely LOVE and do what I have realized is my calling, to nurture your skin, beauty and soul.

That is why I feel it is so important to do something for you, to show my gratitude to you at my annual Daysdream Gratitude Event. It will be held December 1st at Daysdream from 11 to 2 PM. In the planning of this event I put a lot of thought and heart into putting an event together for you that allows you to Let your Goddess Shine, so in light of that intention, this year will include:

  • A little pampering for you, that is my treat, with a mini-reflexology session by Lynn and Jean

  • Surrounding yourself during the event with other goddesses, sharing laughs, smiles and happy loving energy

  • Networking with other goddesses, sharing stories and ideas, and you never know what new friendships are made

  • Spiritual Intuitive Tarot Card Readings with Selena of Moonchild Messages - $20 for 20 minutes

  • Of course shopping!

  • Gems for Gems will be here with their amazing GEMS Swag that helps support the cause!

  • Layer of Love will be here with their beautiful clothing to embrace your goddess

  • Carol White with Muse Creative will be here with her beautiful journals and pillows

  • Millennium Diva will be here with their products to inspire your confidence and celebrate your diversity!

  • Of course food and beverages!

  • Many door prizes for your chance to win! If you would like to donate a door prize please let me know!

  • Daysdream specials will be offered that are only available at this event!

I will also have Kate J R Hutchinson here with On Air Kate getting quick video testimonials from any of my goddesses that would like to share what Daysdream has done for them and what you feel after any of my treatments. There is a special treat for those that are able to do this.

Don't forget to bring your gently used jewelry for the Gems for Gems Christmas jewelry drive. Your donations are given to residents of the battered women's shelters of Calgary. Gems will also attending sharing their initiatives and selling the amazing Gems SWAG that goes towards the charity.

I am so excited about seeing you all at Daysdream on December 1st at 11 AM and we will go until 2 PM.

With Gratitude!


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