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Getting on the "Please Get Me In Sooner" list

Hello to all the beautiful goddesses and warriors out there! I am extremely grateful and blessed to announce that October for Daysdream is now completely booked up and November is starting to book up as well! What that means though is that there are a lot of you who have been on my website to book may be finding that you cannot get in as soon as you would have liked.

So in light of this I am starting a "Please Get Me in Sooner" list. Others may call it a cancellation list, but I do not get a a lot of cancellations, but I do get customers who need to reschedule and do so a few days ahead, a week ahead or sometimes the same day of when they had booked. I am also able to sometimes shift my schedule to accommodate getting you in sooner.

So if you are wanting to get in sooner than you saw was available in my schedule, or went online and didn't book at all because it was too far out, then please email me ( or text me (403) 605-2370 to ask to get on the "Get Me In Sooner" list and I will work with you to accommodate that.

It fills my heart and soul to be able to do what I love, and to see that even though our world is a little crazy right now, people are understanding the importance even more of nurturing themselves and of self-love. I will continue to serve in nurturing your skin, beauty and soul.

With Gratitude,



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