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Easy Tips for Achieving Goddess Skin

As I sit here on the eve of Summer Solstice and enjoy our gorgeous weather I thought to myself what a better night to write my next BLOG that I have been procrastinating for a while (FYI I can be an expert at procrastinating). The reason this is very fitting is because summer is a time that we tend to want to be free of wearing makeup, especially foundation on the hot days, or when you are wanting to enjoy the outdoors for a walk, or on the beach but, ugggg when our skin is not as healthy and flawless as it could be, we may not feel great about not wearing foundation. So I want to provide you some easy tips to achieve that Goddess Skin! Because you deserve to have flawless, radiant and youthful skin!

Cleansing your skin properly is the first step and tip to achieving glowing, flawless goddess skin. Not just cleansing but cleansing EFFECTIVELY. This means using a cleanser that is suited for your skin type and morning AND night. Did you know that if you don't wash your face at night you are aging your skin significantly faster? Our skin regenerates cells at night, so leaving all the dirt, grim, and makeup on from the day is doing damage to your skin. Also, I am finding that there are a lot of ladies especially the younger generation that are using makeup wipes. Wipes only clean the surface and do not cleanse deep enough. Not properly cleansing causes a build up of dirt, etc., leading to clogged follicles (pores), comedones, milia, breakouts, milia, comedones, skin irritations and aging. If you are not sure what is the right cleanser for your skin type, Daysdream provides a complimentary skin analysis to help you understand what products you should be using and what treatments are best for your skin type.

Using the proper toner for your skin type is the second tip and step for achieving that goddess skin you deserve. There are toners that are formulated for all the skin types, whether you have sensitive skin, mature skin, dry skin, oily skin or combination skin. Toners clean deeper than a cleanser will, and a lot of the times you will still see dirt on the cotton pad even after you have cleansed with your cleanser. Toners also help balance the pH of the skin, close and shrink pores and minimize sebum (oil) production if you have oily or combination skin.

Exfoliating is the third tip that help achieve beautiful flawless skin. Depending on your skin type it helps to exfoliate at home with a gentle scrub once to twice a week, after you cleanse, before your toner. Gentle home exfoliation helps to remove the surface layers of dead skin that is dull and lackluster in appearance. This helps to further clear out the pores, allows your moisturizer to absorb more and reduce skin problems. Don't forget the lips! They need love too! IMPORTANT, do not over exfoliate though. This can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Understanding your skin type and its needs is important here as well.

Hydrate! The fourth tip is to properly hydrate your skin regardless of your skin type. People with oily skin can sometimes think that if they don't use a moisturizer it will help, but it does the opposite. The key is using the right moisturizer, a lotion, not a cream. All skin types need hydration. Hydrating your skin slows down the aging process, helps give your skin a healthy glow and helps cleanse out toxins and impurities, as well as protects the skin.

Your moisturizer is not the only way you need to hydrate your skin though. Your water intake is key as well. If you do not drink enough water daily it directly impacts your skin's moisture content. If you are a smoker and drink alcohol your water intake should be increased. Another way to hydrate your skin is to ensure you are using the right moisturizer for your skin type so that it gets the appropriate amount and type of hydration out of the ingredients in the moisturizer. The last key factor is using a night cream. The right night cream has age-defying ingredients to help with skin cell renewal and rejuvenation, and increased nourishment to your skin while you sleep.

The fifth type for achieving goddess skin is to nurture your skin monthly with your clinical aesthetician who is focused on skin treatments that are tailored for your skin type. Like Daysdream (smiley face and heart). This is to have advanced deep exfoliation done, whether it is Dermaplaning by itself or combined with a chemical peel, enzyme peel or a mask, depending on your skins needs. As we age our skin's cells turnover rate of dead and dysfunctional cells slows down to about 30 to 40 days, so helping to get rid of the dead and damaged cells monthly by the sun, air pollution, and exposure to dirt etc, can improve your skin's health substantially. I noticed a dramatic difference to my skin once I started having monthly Dermaplaning and Glycolic Peel combined together, which is perfect for my skin type. Some of my clients get the Perfect Pigmentation Facial monthly to help with age spots and lightening the skin, while others love the Reiki Facial monthly. It all depends on your needs, desires and skin type.

We cant forget about the importance of SPF too! The final step in your skin care should be an SPF of 30 that is broad spectrum, UVB and UVA protection. Not only to protect from damaging UV rays but the sun also prematurely ages the skin and increases hyper pigmentation. Your SPF goes on as the last step after your moisturizer and before your primer or foundation.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and I encourage and welcome you to reach out to me with any questions at all! If you are not sure what is the best for your skin then book your complimentary skin analysis at Daysdream

With Gratitude,



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