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The Ageless Beauty Workshop

The quest for Eternal Youth! As we age we start to see the lines and wrinkles more, we start to see our skin sagging, sun spots appear, less radiant, and changing in front of our eyes. We can age with grace and beauty though! There are many ways to have eternal youth and Daysdream is grateful to be able to help women on this journey. I am thrilled to be offering the upcoming Ageless Beauty Workshop to let your Goddess Shine!

Your makeup application should be stress free and leave you feeling more confident, radiant, and shining like the goddess you deserve to be. This hands-on makeup workshop is tailored for the woman who wants to learn how to apply their makeup as their skin ages and changes, how to enhance features, and have a flawless application for eternal youth.

As we age our skin texture changes, we develop fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration and much more, so we have to rethink and adapt our makeup application

You will learn:

Aging skin preparation and care

  • Aging skin preparation and care

  • Understanding the best foundation for your skin type

  • Techniques for working with fine lines and wrinkles

  • How to conceal & correct hyper pigmentation and skin conditions (age spots, rosacea, dark circles)

  • Gravity defying contouring and highlighting and correct blush placement

  • How to enhance your eyes and correct sagging eyelids

  • Natural brow enhancement

  • How to create defined fuller lips

  • How to achieve a youthful glow

  • How to take your look from day to night

  • Makeup tools and the proper way to use them

Dalyn is a certified professional makeup artist with over 25 years of experience as well as a Clinical Aesthetician and Reiki Practitioner, passionate about helping women let their goddess shine.

Date: Saturday May 26, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Location: Daysdream Makeovers

Address: 20 Prestwick Close SE, Calgary

Early Bird Ticket Price of $49.95 before May 6

Regular Ticket Price of $65

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite or online at Daysdream

Other Upcoming Events:

What a Woman Wants

A Self-Care Convention and Marketplace

Do you know what you want? Sometimes answering that question is the hardest of all. What a Woman Wants offers wisdom from a number of credible speakers on a variety of topics that we as women, face each day.

Maybe you want some advice on Acceptance, Balance, Creativity, Design, Energy Healing, Finances, Gratitude, Health, Impact, Juicing, Karma, Love, Meditation, Nourishment, Organization, Passion, Quintessence, Restoration, Spirituality, Transformation, Universal Laws of Attraction (wait maybe we are back at "A" again). Whatever you want...we have it.

Shop the market. Our handpicked vendors offer items and services specifically with you in mind. We choose vendors who make beautiful items, offer self-care services, or provide products to help you become healthier, happier and wiser.

Just want to unwind or socialize? Then come and enjoy a glass of wine and indulge in some chocolate because let's face it... sometimes just these two things are what a woman wants.

McKenzie Towne Banquet Hall

40 McKenzie Towne Boulevard SE

$5 at the door (cash only) or 2 for 1 in advance.

Price of admission includes access to all speakers.

June 23, 2018

4:00pm - 9:00pm

Daysdream will be speaking at this amazing event!

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