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2017: Discovery and Realizations

Happy Holidays to All!

As Christmas is now over and the year slowly winds down, I sit and reflect on everything 2017 has been, all that has happened and all I can be grateful for! I hope you enjoy reading the journey of 2017, and a glimpse into my life, and see you in 2018!


The first few months of 2017 were life changing series of events, events that led up to me being one decision away from having a totally different life. I was working in the corporate world in a very toxic environment where myself and others where targets of workplace bullying and harassment. If we weren’t direct targets getting yelled at, then we were bystanders, watching with disbelief, almost paralyzed with fear. I believe things happen for a reason and this definitely did. My health went downhill for the second time at this employment, making me realize it was time to honor myself, believe I was worthy, no longer be a victim, make a stand and leave. It was time to go further down my healing journey that I had started several years prior, and it was time to look in the mirror and see the patterns I had created my whole life.


This was when it became clear to me that it was time to follow my dream, my passion, create Daysdream and pursue it full time. It seemed fitting the name too, my nickname was Day growing up. So Daysdream it was, Days…. Dream….


My initial offering of Daysdream was Makeovers, as I have being providing makeovers since I was in my early 20's.

Here are some old images from makeovers I did in the lates 80s, early 90s and even me doing my own makeup for my wedding!

I took the first step towards the business vision 4 years ago when I got my certification as a Professional Makeup Artist. The next step was getting my Reiki levels, which started the next layer of the vision, adding the unique Reiki Facials to the offerings.

There were, and still are, days I have to step through the fear and continue to build Daysdream but what keeps me going it the absolute love for helping women. What also became clearer to me through this time was my deep why. The reason I love doing what I do. Daysdream fills my soul with peace, love, freedom, and intuition. I realized that this is what I have always been looking for and desired my whole life. I was always looking for the dream in the wrong places because I lacked self-worth. I didn’t want to feel all the pain I had, so I filled my life with destruction.

My days growing up showing cattle

The peace, love, freedom and intuition that fill my soul now, is what I was always wanted as a child, but didn’t feel. As a child the focus was hard work on the farm with strict rules, and tempers. Life was not easy for them, my parents did the best they could with what they knew, as they grew up in an era where showing your love, openly talking about your feelings, and truly listening to a child and what they needed was not a thing or realization.

I loved my time spent on my horse, Jinx

My days growing up, showing cattle and the time I absolutely loved spent with my horse.

When I fully understood my why and what I was looking for my whole life, it created more determination and passion in what I am doing and creating with Daysdream.


The last several months, finishing off 2017, have been stepping farther out of my comfort zone and fear every day. I started the Clinical Esthetician program at Delmar College after 25 years of wanting to take the program. You see, when I was in my early 20's I wanted to be an Esthetician and I had signed up to start the Esthetician program back then and I remember feeling so excited! After talking to my mom about it, the decision was made that it was not a good idea, there was no money in that sort of job and to keep my good paying secretarial job. Some would look at this as a shame, or hold a grudge, but I am grateful for the different journey that was created for me. I had over 25 amazing years in the corporate world with Human Resources, Leadership and Management experience, and training and coaching. During those times I was so lucky to have been mentored and coached by many great leaders. It makes me who I am today and adds to my knowledge in giving back to others.

Now, going back to school part time while still being there for my family and bringing in revenue to pay the bills is challenging, to say the least, but it is, and will be so worth it when the program is done in March! I will then be a Certified Clinical Esthetician, being able to help more women with clinical facial treatments. In addition to Daysdream hours here at my location, I will also be working one day a week at the fabulous Relaxing Wellness Spa providing Laser Hair Removal, Laser Photo Facial with Rejuvenation, Microdermabrasion and Microneedling.

The Daysdream Goddess Program has now evolved into a complete journey for women to release stress, anxiety, and find their inner peace and beauty. I am so thrilled to have been able to touch all the women’s lives that I have to date!

The universe continues to send me abundance in every way, and I have met so many amazing people in the last year that my heart and soul is over flowing with happiness.


I feel it’s important to talk about obstacles and mindset, as your mindset can be a make or break outcome in my eyes. No matter what path we are on there are obstacles along the way. We know they are there, but our mindset is how we push past them, or jump over them or crush them down so they are no longer obstacles.

When I was in the toxic work environment there was a period of time I felt trapped, I believed I couldn’t leave. I had a lot of excuses that were holding me back. Yes it was very scary leaving a full time job with no money saved up, but I realized that I didn’t deserve to be bullied and no matter what the obstacles that lay before me, I would get past them. I was empowered despite it all. The reality is that anyone can do the same thing too if they believe in themselves.

I started this dream with no plan and no money, but a whole lot of heart and drive. Yes, I had people tell me I should just get a job. That it would be way too hard to start my company from scratch with no money. Ideally yes, one needs to start a business with at least 6 months’ salary saved up, but things happened the way they were supposed to happen for me and it gave me more drive to push the envelope and make it happen.

If my kids were in the same situation I would tell them to go for their dreams and build the plan on how to make it happen, for it is a combination of the dream, the passion and determination, and the plan that will make it happen. Surround yourself with positive, successful people and make sure your mind is telling you how to make it happen, and never all the reasons why it can’t happen.

Whatever you believe will happen is what happens.

If you don’t believe you can then you won’t.

If you truly believe in yourself then the sky is the limit.

Here is to 2018 and to all your dreams coming true!

With Gratitude,



Jan 9, 2018

7 PM – The Mine Shaft Tavern

March 17, 2018

Calgary, Alberta

October 19 – 20, 2018

Solara Resort & Spa

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