Expect the Daysdream experience to be like no other.  Daysdream takes pride in being able to nurture your skin beauty and soul through the wide range of offerings to Let Your Goddess Shine, from the in-depth skin analysis, a needs and expectations consultation, skin treatments, facials, Reiki energy sessions, beauty makeovers, bridal makeup, makeup lessons and workshops, and of course, the unique and amazing Reiki Facial that is the Daysdream Signature Treatment.

Do all of those sound amazing and needed?  Then experience the Deluxe Goddess Empowerment Session that is 2 hours of bliss, relaxation, rejuvenation and beauty!  Includes the deep cleansing facial, an aromatherapy Reiki Healing Session and a Beauty Makeover.

Dalyn is honored to be an ambassador of Gems for Gems, standing to empowering women to empower themselves.  Joining the fight to end domestic abuse, Daysdream is a proud supporter of Gems for Gems donating a portion of all treatments to the Gems for Gems organization.

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Wellness Consultation & Skin Analysis

The Goddess journey starts with a complimentary wellness consultation & advanced skin care analysis identifying what your skin type and conditions are, your overall needs, and goals for your skin, beauty and soul.

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Clinical Aesthetics/Skin Treatments

Part of the Daysdream Goddess program is focusing on skin health.  All skin treatment plans are tailored to address your concerns and achieve optimal skin health.  Treatments can address various skin conditions and types, visible and underlying sun damage, redness, brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, dilated follicles (pores), and acne.

The Goddess Essence Facial

Includes a in-depth facial tailored to your skin's needs as well as Healing with the Goddess mini session to completely Let your Goddess Shine, resulting in healthy, vibrant skin, and a nurtured and empowered soul!

90 minutes                $140

The Goddess Reiki Facial

Includes a in-depth facial tailored to your skin's needs as well as Reiki Healing to Let your Goddess Shine, resulting in healthy, vibrant skin, and a relaxed stress free body, mind and soul!

90 minutes                $140


The Warrior Reiki Facial

For the men, this includes a in-depth facial tailored to your skin's needs as well as Reiki Energy Healing, resulting in healthier softer skin, and a relaxed stress free body, mind and soul!

90 minutes                $140

The Ultimate Deep Cleansing Facial

For clogged follicles (pores), comedones (blackheads & whiteheads), milia (bumpy skin texture), acne, skin that has lost its radiance.  Includes a deep cleanse, steam, extraction, exfoliation, decongestion or correction mask, high frequency current, and face, neck and head massage.

60 minutes                $110

*if you want to enhance this treatment add on Reiki for $30 

Teen Facial

Includes deep pore cleansing and high frequency current with focus on extractions and cleansing of the skin.  Designed for oily & acne prone skin.

60 minutes               $110

Gentlemen's Facial

Men need to take care of their skin too and be pampered.  Includes deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions, hydration mask, neck and head massage.

60 minutes               $110

Advanced Dermaplaning Facial

Advanced Exfoliation method that removes your top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair, without the chemicals and down time, leaving your skin immediately smooth and luminous, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots.  Results are that your skin care product penetration increases, your skin is amazingly soft, smooth and supple, and your makeup goes on smoother for a flawless finish.  Followed by a masque tailored for your skin, and an arm, neck and head massage.  

60 minutes               $110

Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are an advanced exfoliation method that can improve skin tone and texture, help repair damaged cells, stimulate collagen production, help brighten the skin and lighten sun spots.  Almost immediately you will feel and see the difference in your skin as old skin cells are shed and new fresh layers of the skin show through. The peels are a 60 minute treatment  that includes a healing mask, arm, neck and head massage,  

45 minutes               $90

Anti-Aging Skin Renewal Treatment 

This treatment is the #1 choice for rejuvenating your skin, achieving younger looking skin, healthy and glowing. This treatment starts off with Dermaplaning for deep exfoliation and removing vellus hair, and is a great way to prep the skin for a deeper chemical or fruit peel.  This is then followed with a Glycolic or Lactic Acid Peel for total skin renewal and rejuvenation.  If the chemical peel is not for you then you can receive the Cherry or Apple peel instead.  The treatment is ended with a healing mask and an arm, neck and head massage.

70 minutes                $120

The Ultimate Tranquility Facial

All Daysdream facials are not your average facials because when you enter Daysdream you feel a sense of calming and serenity, and it is carried through from start to finish while I nurture your skin, beauty and soul.  So there are many times when I hear at the end of the hour, "Ah, but I don't want it to be over!", so I created The Ultimate Tranquility Facial to provide an extra half hour of nurturing and pampering!  This facial is 1.5 hours, includes a skin treatment tailored for your skin and uses crystals, heated stones, heated booties for your feet, and aromatherapy, spending more time massaging the arms, neck, face, and head.  You will leave completely destressed, totally relaxed, lighter and happier than when you walked in, and of course your skin will be glowing and vibrant!.

90 minutes           $140

Calming Facial for Rosacea/Sensitive + Skin

Designed to calm, soothe and reduce redness for skin prone to Rosacea and hypersensitivity.

60 minutes        $110


Nourishing Facial

Is your skin looking and feeling dull, dry and blah?  Then this skin treatment is for you!  You will leave with rehydrated, glowing and nourished skin.  As with all the Daysdream facials your body and soul will also be nourished with the arm, neck and head massage, leaving you feeling ultra relaxed.  

60 minutes        $110

Back Facial

Your back needs nurturing to!  Rejuvenate and eliminate any skin concerns, with a deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions where needed, and a mud masque to pull out any impurities, ending with a relaxing massage using essential oils tailored for your skin type.  High frequency can also be added when best suited.

60 minutes           $120

The following treatments can be added on based on your treatment plan:

Reiki 30 Min                                                 $30



This is an amazing 2.5 hours that washes away all tension and stress, feeling beautiful from the inside out and your skin glowing.  This includes a deep cleansing facial, an aromatherapy Reiki healing session and a beauty makeover.

Let Your Goddess Shine!

2.5 hours $210

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Reiki and Healing with the Goddesses Sessions

During the Reiki Healing sessions Dalyn will provide a natural healing modality of ancient hands-on healing technique that was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, that can provide not only physical healing but can also help us to open and spiritually expand.

During the Healing with the Goddesses Session Dalyn uses the Goddess Healing Matrix System™ to provide a unique empowerment healing session according to what each client needs. 

Reiki is a holistic healing treatment using energy.  The energy flows through the practitioner’s hands, through the physical body and aura to move through the human energy field to break through energetic blockages and heal.  The many benefits of Reiki are:

  • Releases negative energy

  • Calms the body and mind

  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities

  • Balanced blood pressure

  • Aids for better sleep

  • Assists in cleansing toxins

  • Supports the immune system

  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing

  • Helps relieve pain

  • Promotes clarity and better coping mechanisms

The Healing with the Goddess Sessions are empowering sessions to help with self-love, joy, intuition, clarity, connect with the Divine and the Goddesses, to clear and balance the chakras, and balance the feminine and masculine energies within.

Dalyn provides a intuitive card reading and healing session using the Goddess Healing Matrix System™. 

Reiki Energy Treatment and Intuitive Reading - 60 minutes $85

Healing with the Goddesses Session and Intuitive Reading - 90 minutes $120

Aromatouch Reiki Treatment - 60 minutes $90

Promoting the overall health of the body, mind and spirit, The AromaTouch Treatment is an essential oil application incorporated with Reiki where the oils are applied to the back and the feet to create a feeling of overall wellness.  The AromaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along the energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body

Symphony of the Cells Oil Treatment - 60 minutes $90

This treatment uses essential oils along the spine and other areas in the body to bring the body back into balance and create perfect "symphony" within our cells.  It creates harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body, re-establishing a state of homeostasis in the body.  Can help with inflammation, respiratory issues, metabolism, lymphatics's, infection, and much more.  The high quality essential oil application has the potential to advance a person's healing quickly and profoundly.

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Would you like to experience everything that Daysdream has to help nurture your skin, beauty and soul?  Then you want to try the DELUXE GODDESS EMPOWERMENT SESSION.

This is an amazing 2 hours that washes away all tension and stress, feeling beautiful from the inside out and your skin glowing.  This includes a deep cleansing facial, an aromatherapy Reiki healing session and a beauty makeover.

Let Your Goddess Shine!

2 hours $210


Beauty Makeover, Lessons, Workshops, Transgender Makeovers & Lessons, and Bridal Makeup

Whether you are wanting a makeover for a special event, or just because you want to update your look, or whether one of the most important days of your life is coming up, Daysdream understands every women deserves to love herself and her beauty and takes pride in letting your Goddess Shine.

Beauty Makeover


The Beauty Makeover directly helps women build their confidence, improve their image, and feel and look beautiful, using vitamin infused mineral makeup suitable for all ages.  Makeup can help you look healthy and full of life!  When we look beautiful on the outside we feel beautiful and more confident on the inside.  Whether you want a total transformation or to just enhance your look, Dalyn is skilled at understanding and meeting the client’s needs. 


Makeup Tutorial Lesson 90 minutes $120

Makeover $85

Bridal Makeup

This is one of the most important days of a woman's life and bridal makeup is one of the most important factors to having a beautiful day and pictures you will always cherish.  Daysdream understands this and ensures the brides needs and expectations are understood and met during the trial makeup appointment, achieving flawless, timeless, and breathtaking makeup for the bride and her bridal party.

Daysdream provides a bridal trial makeup consultation prior to the wedding date to ensure the day of the wedding is perfect.  This is a perfect opportunity to schedule the bridal trial makeover the same day as Engagement Photos or even for the Stagette party.

Bridal makeup can be held at Daysdream studio or onsite where the bridal party is getting ready.

Bridal Makeup Trial $75

Bridal Makeup for Wedding Day $85

Bridesmaids $85

Faux Lash Application $10

$100 deposit is required to hold the booking for the wedding date.

Travel Costs (0.53/km) will apply for weddings outside Calgary city limits, and accommodation if further than an hour from city limits.

Transgender & Crossdresser Makeup Application and Lessons

Daysdream is very sensitive and understanding to the needs of a Transgender and a Crossdresser, the nervousness and challenges they face, and that there is a difference in Drag makeup and makeup that a Transgender or Crossdresser is looking for.  Dalyn provides a private and comfortable environment to put you at ease, providing a fun and professional consultation and makeup application or lesson.  

"I was very nervous going to see Dalyn as this was my first time going out in full makeup dressed in full as a woman, but as soon as I got to her studio and sat down and started talking to her I felt at ease immediately.  She provided great instruction on how to apply my makeup and on styling my look, I feel that a friendship is made and felt very supported"

Transgender or Crossdresser Makeup Lesson - 90 minutes $120

Transgender or Crossdresser Makeup Application - 60 minutes $95 Transgender

Note that during the Makeup Lessons Dalyn will teach you, step by step on your makeup application, having you also do the application of your makeup.

Your are welcome to bring your own makeup, skin care, cloths, jewelry and wigs.

Dalyn is also a Ally and Member of the TGC TransGender Chat that is a safe and friendly place for the entire Transgender Community that works diligently to maintain a warm environment for all who enter.  They look forward to meeting you at


Special Events Makeup

Providing makeup artistry for graduations, engagement photos, holiday makeup, stagettes, maternity, etc.

  • For Graduates, if a group of 3 or more is booked, discounts apply.

  • Special Event Makeup Application $85

  • Faux Lash Application:    $10