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The journey to healing, wellness, and beauty is unique for everyone.  We all have different desired outcomes, for some it is the pleasure of a peaceful and healing Reiki Treatment, others want to just focus on their skin and facial treatments, then some want the combination of the unique Signature Reiki Facial treatment which combines the healing and release of stress through the Reiki and then having radiant and healthier skin through the facial.

If you are looking for the benefits of all of these treatments then the Deluxe Goddess Empowerment Treatment is for you.  This includes a Deep Cleansing Facial, Aromatherapy Reiki Treatment and a Beauty Makeover.

2 hours $210

If you are a Bride to Be and looking to bring out your Goddess for your cherished day, then all these treatments have great benefit for helping you blossom, shine and feel amazing on your special day.

The Goddess Program can be provided at Daysdream Studios and some have an optional mobile spa service as noted.

Wellness & Skin Care Consultations

The Goddess Program starts with a personalized wellness & skin care consultation identifying what your needs are, what you want to see for results for your beauty and health.  Daysdream will work with you to explain the best options for treatment plans and products.


The Ultimate Deep Cleansing Facial

For clogged follicles (pores), comedones (blackheads & whiteheads), milia (bumpy skin texture), acne, skin that has lost its radiance.

Includes a deep cleanse, steam, extraction, exfoliation, decongestion or correction mask, high frequency current, and face and neck massage.

70 minutes                $110

*if you want to enhance this treatment add on Reiki for $30 



One of the greatest healing benefits of Reiki is stress reduction and relaxation which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities and improves and maintains health.  Reiki is a holistic healing treatment using energy.  The energy flows through the practitioner’s hands, through the physical body and aura to move through the human energy field to break through energetic blockages and heal.  The many benefits of Reiki are:

  • Releases negative energy

  • Calms the body and mind

  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities

  • Balanced blood pressure

  • Aids for better sleep

  • Assists in cleansing toxins

  • Supports the immune system

  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing

  • Helps relieve pain

  • Promotes clarity and better coping mechanisms

Reiki Treatment- 30 minutes $40

*Optional Mobile Spa Service - this service can be provided at your location 

Reiki Treatment- 60 minutes $70

*Optional Mobile Spa Service - this service can be provided at your location 

Aromatouch Reiki Treatment - 60 minutes $85

Promoting the overall health of the body, mind and spirit, The AromaTouch Treatment is an essential oil application incorporated with Reiki where the oils are applied to the back and the feet to create a feeling of overall wellness.  The AromaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along the energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body

*Optional Mobile Spa Service - this service can be provided at your location 

Symphony of the Cells Oil Treatment - 60 minutes $85

This treatment uses essential oils along the spine and other areas in the body to bring the body back into balance and create perfect "symphony" within our cells.  It creates harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body, re-establishing a state of homeostasis in the body.  Can help with inflammation, respiratory issues, metabolism, lymphatics's, infection, and much more.  The high quality essential oil application has the potential to advance a person's healing quickly and profoundly.

The Goddess Facial - 90 minutes $160

The Ultimate Deep Cleansing Facial as well as Aromatherapy Reiki to completely let your Goddess Shine, resulting in healthy, vibrant skin, and a relaxed stress free body, mind and soul!

Reiki Facial

The Reiki Facial is the Signature Daysdream Treatment and is a unique amazing experience that combines the two treatments, a Reiki session and a basic facial, that will leave you feeling and looking younger, healthier, calm, less anxious, and grounded.  The Reiki Facial is great to try if you want results above and beyond a normal treatment.  Organic, plant based pharmaceutical grade skin care is used and seed to seal essential oils.


Reiki Facial Session 60 minutes - $85

*Optional Mobile Spa Service - this service can be provided at your location 

Deluxe Goddess Empowerment Treatment

The Deluxe Goddess Empowerment Treatment is an amazing 2 hours that washes away all tension and stress, leaving you feeling happy, peaceful, and a beautiful goddess that you deserve to be.

Includes a deep cleansing facial, an aromatherapy Reiki treatment, and a beauty makeover.

2 hours $210

The Beauty Makeover directly helps women build their confidence, improve their image, and feel and look beautiful, using vitamin infused mineral makeup suitable for all ages.  Makeup can help you look healthy and full of life!  When we look beautiful on the outside we feel beautiful and more confident on the inside.  Whether you want a total transformation or to just enhance your look, Dalyn is skilled at understanding and meeting the client’s needs. 


Makeup Tutorial Lesson 90 minutes $95

Makeover $85

Transgender Makeup Tutorial Lesson 90 minutes $100

Transgender Makeover $85

Beauty Makeover

Bridal Makeup

This is one of the most important days of a woman's life and bridal makeup is one of the most important factors to having a beautiful day and pictures you will always cherish.  Daysdream understands this and ensures the brides needs and expectations are understood and met during the trial makeup appointment, achieving flawless, timeless, and breathtaking makeup for the bride and her bridal party.

Daysdream provides a bridal trial makeup consultation prior to the wedding date to ensure the day of the wedding is perfect.  This is a perfect opportunity to schedule the bridal trial makeover the same day as Engagement Photos or even for the Stagette party.

Bridal makeup can be held at Daysdream studio or onsite where the bridal party is getting ready.

Bridal Makeup Trial $75

Bridal Makeup for Wedding Day $85

Bridesmaids $85

Mother of the Bride & Family $50

Faux Lash Application $10

$100 deposit is required to hold the booking for the wedding date.

Travel Costs (0.53/km) will apply for weddings outside Calgary city limits, and accommodation if further than an hour from city limits.

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