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Nurturing your skin, beauty and soul!

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Dalyn Sjogren

Video Testimonial from Jordan Guildford, CEO & Founder of Gems for Gems

The Daysdream Goddess Experience, to nurture your skin, beauty and soul:

Daysdream Clinical Skin Treatments

All skin treatments start with a in-depth skin consultation and analysis to identify skin type, conditions, and overall goals for your skin.   The optimal skin treatment will be chosen together to treat the skin condition, address the skin issues and achieve the clients goals.  The skin treatments are inspired by either organic plant based skin care or medical grade products that heal, rejuvenate, combat signs of aging and adapt to your individual needs.  

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During the Reiki Healing sessions Dalyn will provide a natural healing modality of ancient hands-on healing technique that was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, that can provide not only physical healing but can also help us to open and spiritually expand. 


During the Healing with the Goddesses Session Dalyn uses the Goddess Healing Matrix System™️ to provide a unique empowerment healing session according to what each client needs.

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Dalyn works with multiple oracle card decks and will determine which decks are to be used for the reading based on what is for your higher good and intensions.  During the readings Dalyn will provide intuitive guidance and messages from your spiritual team on what is for your higher good based on your intensions, and love and light. Book Now

Daysdream Energy Healing
Daysdream Intuitive Card Reading
Daysdream Makeovers

Dalyn is a certified professional makeup artist with over 30 years experience, focusing on ageless beauty.  Providing makeup application for any special occasion, grad makeup, professional head shots.  Book Now

Empowered Goddess Circles

Daysdream holds monthly evening Empowered Goddess Circles with the intensions to create a comfortable, peaceful, safe and non-judgemental space where women come together to reset, heal, gain clarity, and raise their vibration. 

Daysdream will also be offering various workshops, book clubs and retreats throughout the year to empower and inspire women, helping them shine.

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Daysdream hosts an annual Empowered Goddess Conference in the town of Ponoka, Alberta. The 3rd Annual Empowered Goddess Conference is set for May 3rd, for the vendor & entertainment in the evening and May 4th for the conference portion.  Get your ticket today!

The Empowered Goddess Conferences

If you love the sound of each of the offerings that Daysdream offers, like the skin treatments, energy healing sessions and intuitive readings then the The Goddess Reiki Facial or the Goddess Essence Facial includes is for you, because it combines all three in an hour and a half!    

Want to include a makeover as well?  Then the Deluxe Goddess Empowerment Session, includes it all!

Supporting & Giving Back 

Throughout her life experiences and teachings, Dalyn first-hand understood the importance of taking a stand against bullying and domestic abuse, and how much change was needed in the world.  As a result, in July 2018 Dalyn volunteered to be an Ambassador with Gems for Gems, standing for empowering women to empower themselves. 

Gems for Gems is Daysdream's Charity of Choice for The Annual Empowered Goddess Conference.  Visit the Gems for Gems website to learn more about the initiatives Gems has to help empower women to empower themselves in the shelters throughout Canada.  


To nurture and care for women to let their Goddess Shine 


There is a beautiful goddess within all of us wanting to blossom and shine.  Daysdream empowers women to let their goddess shine through every offering it provides.  


There are so many people in the world today that don’t feel beautiful, suffer from anxiety, depression, low confidence.  These struggles impact all aspects of a person’s life, their relationships, and most importantly their well-being and ability to shine.


It does not need to be this way and through my mission I am passionate about nurturing and caring for women, positively impacting lives. 



"Beautiful spa environment! I was impressed with the in-depth analysis of my skin and what would best suit my needs.  I can away from the Reiki Facial feeling so peaceful.  My face looked rejuvenated and felt so soft for days after my treatment."

Lynn Paulhus

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