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Video Testimonial from Jordan Guildford, CEO & Founder of Gems for Gems

The Daysdream Goddess Treatments

Your journey to nurturing your skin, beauty and soul

Daysdream Consultation and Skin Analysis

The Goddess treatments start with a wellness & skin care consultation identifying what your skin type and conditions are, your overall needs, and goals for your skin, beauty and soul.

During the Reiki Healing sessions Dalyn will provide a natural healing modality of ancient hands-on healing technique that was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, that can provide not only physical healing but can also help us to open and spiritually expand. 


During the Healing with the Goddesses Session Dalyn uses the Goddess Healing Matrix System™️ to provide a unique empowerment healing session according to what each client needs.

Daysdream Reiki Healing Sessions offer relaxation, stress release, healing and improves health
Daysdream Skin Treatments leave your skin feeling nurtured, healthy and glowing

The skin treatments are inspired by either organic plant based skin care or medical grade products that heal, rejuvenate, combat signs of aging and adapt to your individual needs.  The secret to flawless, radiant and beautiful makeup starts with healthy and glowing skin, which is why the skin treatments are an important step to Letting Your Goddess Shine.

Aromatherapy is incorporated into the entire Daysdream Goddess experience using therapeutic essential oils that when aromatically inhaled and applied topically improves mood & changes cognitive states.  The benefits are endless, from reducing anxiety to speeds up the healing process.

All Daysdream treatments include therapeautic grade pure essential oils for the optimal experience
Dalyn is a certified makeover artist with over 25 years experience

The final step to the Goddess Program is a makeover to Let Your Goddess shine.  Whether you choose a daytime makeup look or an evening makeup look you will fall in love with yourself again, be empowered, beautiful and unstoppable.  You are SO worth it!

This is one of the most important days of a woman's life and bridal makeup is one of the most important factors to having a beautiful day and pictures you will always cherish.  Daysdream understands this and ensure the brides needs and expectations are understood during the trial makeup appointment, achieving flawless, timeless, and breathtaking makeup for the bride and her bridal party.

Daysdream Bridal Makeup

Supporting & Giving Back 

Dalyn has a deep desire to expand her awareness and learning on her journey of expansion and healing and passion to be able to empower and help others who are struggling with similar challenges.  Through this journey Dalyn realized the importance of taking a stand against bullying and domestic violence and how much change was needed in the world.  As a result, in July 2018 Dalyn volunteered to be an Ambassador with Gems for Gems, standing for empowering women to empower themselves. 


Daysdream is also a proud supporter of Gems for Gems by donating a portion of all Daysdream sales monthly to the Gems for Gems charity.  Visit the Gems for Gems website to learn more about the three initiatives Gems has to help empower women to empower themselves in the shelters throughout Canada.  


To nurture and care for women to let their Goddess Shine 


There is a beautiful goddess within all of us waiting to blossom and shine.  Daysdream empowers women to let their goddess shine through the Goddess treatments and sessions that helps to release stress, anxiety, and tension, heal from the inside out, feel beautiful and have youthful skin.  


There are so many people in the world today that don’t feel beautiful, suffer from anxiety, depression, low confidence.  These struggles impact all aspects of a person’s life, their relationships, and most importantly their well-being and ability to shine.


It does not need to be this way and through my mission I am passionate about nurturing and caring for women, positively impacting lives. 



"Beautiful spa environment! I was impressed with the in-depth analysis of my skin and what would best suit my needs.  I can away from the Reiki Facial feeling so peaceful.  My face looked rejuvenated and felt so soft for days after my treatment."

Lynn Paulhus