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Deluxe Goddess Empowerment Treatment

Find your inner and outer beauty, peace and serenity

2 hours $210

The Signature Reiki Facial Treatment

70 minutes $95

AromaTouch Reiki Treatment

60 minutes $85

Ultimate Deep Cleansing Facial

70 minutes $110

The Goddess Facial

90 minutes $140



50 minutes $85

20% Glycolic Acid 2.0 pH Chemical Peel or Lactid Acid 3.5 pH

60 minutes $80

Basic Facial

40 minutes $60

Teen Facial

60 minutes $80

Gentlemen's Facial

60 minutes $80

Bridal Makeup


Makeup Tutorial Lesson

1 hr $85

Commercial Headshot Makeup

1 hr $65


Special Event Makeup

1 hr $85

Boudoir Makeup


Engagement & Maternity Photoshoot Makeup


Girlsdream Makeup Lessons

Teen makeup lessons for ages 13 to 19.  With the strong presence of social media now, teenage age girls are learning makeup techniques from a young age, whether on YouTube, Pintrest or Facebook.  What they are missing is the hands on training by a professional to help them understand the art of application depending on skin type and face shape. They are taught the basics and importance of skin care, appropriate color application for their skin type and face shape. As well as, the correct tools to achieve what they see on social media.

  • One On One Teen Makeup Lesson:       $85

  • Teen Makeup party:                               $50 per person

* Ideal party size is 6 girls, but can cater to party size.

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